Easy Ways to Upgrade Your Bedroom

Easy Ways to Upgrade Your Bedroom

Looking to change your bedroom? There are two ways to easily upgrade your room: bedside lighting and floating nightstands.


If you look at any of your favorite spaces (either IRL or online), you will likely notice that most rooms employ a combination of lighting sources to not only illuminate the room but to also make it look super stylish. Sconces, lamps, and other light fixtures are key to a room’s design, adding light, texture, and sculptural details that are hard to achieve through other means. The only downside about good light fixtures…like really good light fixtures…is that so many require hardwiring. It can be a little frustrating to miss out on all the beautiful lighting options just because you’re a renter or you simply don’t want to hire an electrician to hang a single sconce.

Floating Nightstands

Installing a floating nightstand is an easy way to add a professional tough to any bedroom. A floating nightstand is ideal in a tight squeeze alongside your bed, or if you’d prefer to place a basket on the floor underneath the nightstand. 


Adjustable Arm LED Wall Sconce in Black

Light Dark Bronze Plug-In or Hardwire Industrial Wall Sconce

Wall-Mounted Nightstand

Perkin 1 Drawer Nightstand

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