Decorating Your Home: Lessons From Our Team

Decorating Your Home: Lessons From Our Team

Project Spotlight: The Peninsula 

One of our favorite elements of the design process is re-imaging each space we work with to create a new meaning and purpose for our clients. We had the opportunity to work with a family of five, to completely reimagine their Miami apartment.

Design Lesson 1: Use area rugs and carefully placed furniture to divide areas in an open layout

In a large, open-concept living space, we like to step back and consider ways to add multiple functional sections into the room. Strategically positioning area rugs, or furniture helps create zones, visually dividing one area from another. By creating a zone around the TV, we were able to create a family-friendly environment. On the opposite side, are the swivel chairs that create an entirely new sitting area, much more geared towards the parents. 

Design Lesson 2: Mix design elements of various styles, to create a space that won’t go out of style 

It’s easy to fall into one design trend when decorating, however, the most impactful spaces are the ones that combine elements from multiple periods, styles, and pull inspiration from various places. Our client was drawn to the beachy look, which we combined with more refined design elements such as the custom paneled concrete wall, and delicate wallpaper to create an elevated and modern space. 

Design Lesson 3: Don’t forget about the hallway

If you want your home or apartment to feel inviting, it needs to be well lit. That’s pretty straightforward in most of your home – but hallways can be tricky because of the limited space. We created maximum drama in the hallway with beautiful lights that gave off a halo effect – making the ceilings feel higher with the help of a black and white gallery wall.

Design Lesson 4: Know where to invest, and where to bargain 

The starting point of a beautifully designed space is quality furniture. For example, investing in a quality couch pays off, as it’s the centerpiece of the living room. Don’t skimp on wall finishes and window treatments, which brings a space to the next level, and adds a custom-touch that paint and furniture can’t achieve alone. The wallpaper in the dining room, and master, add dimension and texture, becoming the center design element of the rooms.

Purchase throw pillows, blankets, coffee table decor, at stores such as Marshall’s, Target and HomeGoods. It’s easy to get overwhelmed – walk in with a color palette in mind, and stick to that, to ensure the final product is cohesive.

Design Lesson 5: Small spaces are sometimes the best spaces to go outside your comfort zone

If you want to use a different material or experiment with different patterns, small spaces like this powder room are great places to mix it up. This powder room we designed is a fun balance between refined and playful, between the classic subway tile and the pastel patterned wallpaper.

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