How to Nail Open Floor Plan Living

How to Nail Open Floor Plan Living

Since the ‘90s, spacious areas where kitchens, family rooms, and dining rooms all flow together into one communal space have dominated as the preferred living arrangement. However, when COVID-19 prompted a shift toward remote work and grounded many families at home, it raised doubts in the home design space about the future of the open layout. In theory, partitioned spaces give families more options to support multiple people working from home in peace and provide privacy to multiple generations living under one roof.

We pulled together our favorite projects that feature open floor plans. Use our tips to help create beautifully designed, multi-functional spaces that serve your family’s needs.

What are the benefits of open floor plan living?

Open floor plans provide huge amounts of flexibility within an inviting and social space. It also effects how the eye takes in spaces, meaning smaller rooms appear far more substantial. Without so many interior walls and partitions, natural light is in abundance which reduces dead spaces and dark corners.

How do you create fluid but defined spaces in an open floor plan?

The use of rugs beneath furniture groupings can be a good technique in denoting zones within a larger area. Overhead lighting such as decorative pendants can also be used to visually draw your eye towards the centre point of a defined space such as dining or living areas. ‘Breathing space’ is crucial when designing open-plan living, meaning you must ensure there is open floor space to move freely around larger furniture groupings to avoid feel overcrowded. 

Do you have any tips for making open-plan space living inviting and intimate?

A good technique in creating warm and intimate spaces is to allow for low-level ambient lighting within zones such as table and floor lamps. It is also important to create smaller areas within areas so the overall space doesn’t feel overwhelming. Don’t neglect the wall surfaces – use of artwork can add an extra layering which makes any residence feel more inviting.

Are open floor plans going out of style?

While the pandemic may have urged people to think of their homes as an outlet to serve more and more functions, that doesn’t mean open layouts have lost all of their appeal. Instead, we seem to be headed toward a happy medium that blends some open spaces with private areas carved out for work, school, and other activities.

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