5 Design Tips from Our Shoreline Project

5 Design Tips from Our Shoreline Project

After months of working on our Shoreline Project, it’s hard to believe it’s finally complete. 

We loved seeing this Hollywood area project come to life— from compiling mood boards to putting the finishing touches on each room. Now that we’ve shared the progress on our Instagram Stories, it’s time to deep dive into some of our favorite details and break down a few things we learned along the way.

Design Lesson 1: Prioritize cohesion in your key materials  

Although it sounds obvious, a well-designed space is about finding cohesion as much as it is in mixing and contrasting. Wood is often one of the first materials we choose in the design process, and this project was no exception.  

Many of our clients ask if they can mix and match wood tones, and although every project is different, keeping the wood species consistent throughout lends more cohesion in look and feel. For this home, we chose a beautiful walnut early on that was reflected in the custom wall slats and built-in niche we designed. 

Design Lesson 2: Make it feel walkable, but don’t skimp on seating

Incorporating benches or stools is a great way to add seating to your space that’s also easy to move around and fit with the flow of a room.

Design Lesson 3: Creating character is about making the most of every corner

We love to talk about how decorative accents and furniture pieces can add character to any home. When we can, we love to incorporate artwork our clients already own to make the space feel unique to them. The contrast between the modern furnishings with the antique style paintings makes for a interesting combination. 

Design Lesson 4: Mixing silhouette lines helps add visual interest 

Mixing silhouettes and shapes is always important for adding interest to a space, and is something we wanted to emphasize in this home. From the contrast of the nightstand shapes with the bedside lights in the master bedroom, to the crisp shape of breakfast nook table with the organic style pendant light, each element balances the other to add dimension.

Design Lesson 5: Don’t be afraid of adding a pop of color

Start with neutral furnishings. Those are the investment pieces that anchor your space. Then layer in pattern and color such as accent furniture and even a curated stacks of coffee table books. This mustard chair in the family room combined with the greenery from the plants, adds a pop of color to the neutral room. 

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